Use py42 to create and manage watchlists.

Watchlists have replaced the Departing Employees and High Risk Employees detections lists. See the Code42 support documentation on managing watchlists for more information.

Create a Watchlist

from py42.constants import WatchlistType

watchlist = sdk.watchlists.create(WatchlistType.DEPARTING)

# store the id of the new watchlist
watchlist_id =["watchlistId"]

Watchlist types are available as constants in the WatchlistType class.

View Watchlist Details

There are several methods to view different details about watchlists.

import py42.util

# Get information on all current watchlists
response = sdk.watchlists.get_all()

# print all information to the console
for page in response:

Once you have the watchlist’s ID, use the following methods to see more details:

# To get watchlist details

# To see all included users

Manage Users on Watchlists

Use the included_users methods to manage individual users who are explicitly included on watchlists.

Py42 allows you to reference a watchlist either by its ID or by its type. If adding individual users to a watchlist with the add_included_users_by_watchlist_type() method, py42 will create the watchlist for you if it doesn’t already exist.

For example, the following code demonstrates two methods to add users to the Departing watchlist:

user_uids = ["test-user-123", "test-user-456"]

# METHOD 1: add by watchlist id
sdk.watchlists.add_included_users_by_watchlist_id(user_uids, watchlist_id)

# METHOD 2: add by watchlist type
from py42.constants import WatchlistType

# this method will create the DEPARTING watchlist for you if it doesn't already exist
sdk.watchlists.add_included_users_by_watchlist_type(user_ids, WatchlistType.DEPARTING)

# View your updated watchlist users

The remove_included_users_by_watchlist_id() and remove_included_users_by_watchlist_type() methods can be used similarly to remove users from a watchlist.