Trust Settings

Use py42 to quickly and easily manage trusted activities and resources, including domains and Slack workspaces.

Create, View, or Modify Trusted Activities

To get started, create a new trusted activity resource.

from py42.constants import TrustedActivityType

response = sdk.trustedactivities.create(TrustedActivityType.DOMAIN, "")

Constants for the each type of trusted activity are available at Trusted Activity Type

Once you’ve created a trusted activity, or if you’re working with an existing one, you can use the trusted activity’s resourceId to view details about it.

response = sdk.trustedactivities.get(resource_id)

You can also access a trusted activity by its resourceId to update its details. For example, to add a description to a trusted activity:

response = sdk.trustedactivities.update(resource_id, description="This is a trusted activity.")

To clear the description of a trusted activity, pass an empty string description="" to the update() method.


If you try to create with the same value as an already existing activity, you will get a py42.exceptions.Py42TrustedActivityConflictError.

View Details for all Trusted Domains

This section describes how to view the details of all trusted activities of the type DOMAIN.

from py42.constants import TrustedActivityType

response = sdk.trustedactivities.get_all(type=TrustedActivityType.DOMAIN)

for page in response:
    resources = page["trustResources"]
    for resource in resources:

For complete details, see Trusted Activities.