Configuring Backup Sets

Code42 devices’ backup configurations are managed by “Backup Sets”, which can be configured either at the individual device level, or set as default configurations at the org level.

The py42 BackupSet class can be used to view and change the settings of a given backup set.

BackupSet instances are automatically constructed by py42 and attached to their corresponding DeviceSettings or OrgSettings objects, and stored in the .backup_sets properties (DeviceSettings.backup_sets or OrgSettings.device_defaults.backup_sets).

The following examples will use an individual device’s backup set, but all the methods/attributes are the same when configuring an org device default backup set.

Create a DeviceSettings object and get the primary backup set object:

>>> device_settings
>>> device_settings.backup_sets
[<BackupSet: id: 1, name: 'Primary - Backup Set'>, <BackupSet: id: 298010138, name: 'Secondary (large files) - Backup Set'>]
>>> bs = device_settings.backup_sets[0]

View/update destinations:

>>> bs.destinations
{'43': 'PROe Cloud, US <LOCKED>'}
>>> bs.add_destination(587738803578339329)
>>> bs.remove_destination(43)
>>> bs.destinations
{'632540230984925185': 'PROe Cloud, US - West'}

View/update backup file selection/exclusion lists:

>>> bs.included_files
>>> bs.excluded_files
>>> bs.included_files.append("D:/")
>>> bs.excluded_files.append("C:/Users/Bob/Downloads")

You can also replace the existing list with a new one:

>>> bs.included_files = ["C:/Users/", "D:/"]

View/update filename exclusion patterns:

>>> bs.filename_exclusions
>>> bs.filename_exclusions.append(".*/Pictures/")