Use py42 to quickly and easily manage cases.

Create, View, or Modify Cases

To get started, create a new case.

case = sdk.cases.create("new-case")

Once you’ve created a case, or if you’re working with an existing one, you can use the case’s number to view details about that case.

# view details about a case
case = sdk.cases.get(case_number)

You can also access a case by its number to update its details. For example, to update a case’s status to CLOSED:

from py42.constants import CaseStatus

response = sdk.cases.update(case_number, status=CaseStatus.CLOSED)

Case statuses can be set to either OPEN or CLOSED. Constants for these statuses are available at Case Status.

View Details for all OPEN Cases

This section describes how to view the details of all cases with an OPEN status.

from py42.constants import CaseStatus

response = sdk.cases.get_all(status=CaseStatus.OPEN)

for page in response:
    cases = page["cases"]
    for case in cases:

For complete details, see Cases.